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Welcome To Sasso Bello
Sasso Bello is a distinguished stone repair and tile cleaning professional, with many years
of invaluable experience. We specialize in granite countertops, stone restoration,
and the cleaning of virtually all kinds of stone. We pride ourselves on being the
best in the business, and our superior customer service speaks for itself.
Additionally we do tile & stone repairs including shower grout and tile repairs.
We use the most advanced cleaning and repair systems on the market today,
and only the highest quality stone care products available.
At Sasso Bello, our services are always guaranteed, so you can be sure
you're getting what you've bargained for.
Phone Sasso Bello at: 916-427-2040
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Stone And Tile Care
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Sasso Bello Products
Sasso Bello Products
Product Category: Sealers
  ·  Heavy Duty Sealer
  ·  Bullet Proof Sealer
  ·  Sealer
  ·  Grout Sealer
  ·  Grout Release
  ·  Heavy Duty Exterior Sealer
  ·  Impregnator Pro
Product Category: Cleaners
  ·  Revitalizer Clean & Protect
  ·  Stone & Tile Cleaner
  ·  Klenz All
  ·  Restore
  ·  Oil Stain Remover
  ·  Coating Stripper
  ·  Pulire Professional
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