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Cleaning Your Tile's Grout

If you have tried to clean dirty grout, clean grout off tiles, clean ceramic tile grout, or clean bathroom tile grout, you know how encumber sum such a task can be. Whether you have tile on your floors, kitchen countertop or backsplash, or bathroom tile, grout between tiles can get very soiled and grimy. With the right cleaning solution and help choosing cleaning products, we at Sasso Bello believe in giving you the complete experience that you can count on from start to forever.

For most grout cleaning, simple household items like vinegar or baking soda seem to be effective cleaners, but more often than not the cleaner are left behind in grout and over time may eat away and discolor your grout for good. We have clients who have used Windex so often that their grout was turning blue and in another instance the homeowner used Ajax to clean shower grout turning the grout green. In both examples, the home owners had no idea what causes their grout to turn a light blue or green until we start asking some simple questions to investigate the changes in grout color.

If you have tried to clean grout and the grout hasn't come completely clean, the next step is to hire a grout cleaning professional. There are many tile and grout cleaning companies available where you live. Sasso Bello has traveled throughout the valley to clean grout in cities like:

  • Rocklin
  • Auburn
  • Roseville
  • Lincoln
  • Granite Bay
  • Sacramento
  • Fair Oaks
  • Citrus Heights
  • Folsom
  • El Dorado Hills
  • Cameron Park
  • Rancho Murieta
  • Elk Grove
  • Davis

We are all aware of the multi-purpose cleaners available to us for grout, but are they safe to use? I m speaking of cleaning products like oxygen bleach powder, hydrogen peroxide, or chlorine bleach. Without the right knowledge these products can be very damaging to your grout, tile, and not to mention your health. It is true, these cleaning products may work, but please be careful. Some products including these mentioned above can cause great damage to your tile immediately and to your grout over time with constant use. We only want to help you stay away from the dangers we have seen other clients face.

General Tips for Grout Cleaning

  • Clean grout first with water and a neutral cleaner and allow to dry. This will remove any loose surface debris.
  • In showers, squeegee your glass and tile walls after every shower. You won t believe the difference.
  • Never use bleach on colored grout, as it will discolor the grout.
  • Use a stiff brush for scrubbing, but scrub lightly. Find a brush the width of the grout channel. Also avoid using metal bristles, as they will wear away the grout.
  • Test your grout cleaner on a small inconspicuous area first to make sure that it won't erode or damage your grout. This is especially necessary if your tile grout is old or damaged.
  • Never use a cleaner other than a grout cleaner! We recommend calling us for help with cleaning, cleaners, and techniques. Be safe!

You may have grout in many areas of your home, but the grout installed in your bathroom can be very different from that on your kitchen countertop. When Cleaning grout, the type, color, and surrounding tile all are a factor for us. We are your grout cleaning store. We have the cleaning products, techniques, and experience to share with you and your family. Whether you are cleaning grout tile floors, cleaning grout walls, cleaning a grout kitchen, or cleaning shower tile grout, we are here for all your needs. Sasso Bello will help you to clean grout. We are your grout medic or grout doctor. Call us for an exam!

Grout Cleaning Board
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