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Cleaning Products for Your Grout

So much to know and so many grout cleaning products available. Winston Churchill once said, “Never has there been a time when so many owed so much to so few” I wasn’t alive when he made this speech, but it was a very true statement then. Today during our time there has never been so many products from so many companies for so few area of grout in your home. Certainly, the numbers of companies are going to continue to grow with the grout industry. At Sasso Bello, we have worked with, investigated, and discovered some eye opening moments on what products and the best products to use for your grout.

This venue is much too short to go over the many products available to you when cleaning grout. So we want to help you understand that grout cleaning products are available to you in most stores. The question here is what grout cleaning products to use. Because grout cleaning isn’t as simple as pouring out a solution, scrubbing a little, and wiping up the dirt, we have to involve ourselves with much more concerns. When cleaning grout we have to concern ourselves with the grout, the grouts age, where the grout is in your home (kitchen counter, shower, dining room table), and its surroundings. We wish we could offer you a 100% guarantee that all the grout cleaning product available are safe, but in all truth some areas may be damaged by the cleaner too.

Generic household cleaners such as Mr. Clean, Lysol, or powder-based cleaners line like Ajax can cause problems with tile grout. For most grout cleaning, simple household items like vinegar or baking soda seem to be effective cleaners, but more often than not the cleaner like these are left behind in grout and over time may eat away and discolor your grout for good. We have clients where they have used Windex so often that their grout was turning blue and in another instance the homeowner used Ajax to clean shower grout turning the grout green. In both examples, the homeowners had no idea what causes their grout to turn a light blue or green until we start asking some questions to investigate the changes in grout color.

Now that we have explained some of the dangers, let’s share some of the great news when caring for your grout. We want to make it easy for you when it comes to choosing the right cleaning product, how to use that product, and to give you the tools for success. Our grout cleaning product comes widely recommend and is called “Stone & Tile Cleaner.” This cleaner is a neutral pH daily cleaner (no residues) for all grout surfaces and tile. Great for ceramic, porcelain & stone tile too. With the purchase of this product, we want to offer you a different experience. Here is the Sasso Bello experience:

1.We deliver every cleaning products to your home ourselves.

2.We explain the complete cleaning process. Whether you have ceramic tile and grout or marble and grout, we will help you in all aspects of your home’s grout cleaning.

3.We will leave you with our “Professional Guide to Stone & Tile Care”

  • This guide will offer you quick remedies to everyday problems.

4.Lastly, we offer “Cleaning Guides” for every aspect of grout, tile and stone care.

  • These guides offer you step by step cleaning instructions.

We want you to have the best service experience ever, when caring for your stone, tile, and grout! Your success is our success.

Grout Cleaning Products
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