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Color Seal Your Grout for Life

Can you imagine you’re grout looking like new, stain resistant, and easier to clean? Well don’t leave this process to the imagination because it is all possible. You grout, no matter how old and dirty, can look like new and more in a matter of a day. As your car would need a new paint job after many years of abuse from the sun, the same rings true with grout; in most cases grout will need refreshing and instead of a costly procedure like removing and replacing the grout we can use our Color Seal System. How about changing the color of your grout? If you are unhappy with the grout color, did you know we can change the color to a color you desire? Color Sealing System offers you one great resolution to that ugly grout and a program for as long as you use our services at Sasso Bello. When you choose a tile and grout cleaning company to care for your grout you have usually 2 option, we offer a 3rd:

Option—A (step 1) Clean

Option A is where we can do a Clean only. Where we have some of the best chemical and cleaning equipment available and as clean as your floor can be we are going to get it for you. The thing to remember is that your grout is porous and not only is it soiled but it’s potentially stained as well. So our cleaning system will clean your tile and grout, but if there are already permanent stains they still will show. And there is really no way to tell you up front what it’s going to look like, but I can tell you that there is more than likely going to be areas of your floor that will not look like new when we are done with the cleaning.

Option—B (step 2) Clear Seal

Option B is where we place some protection on your grout. This is a Clear Seal protection on the grout. Similar to the protection that is placed on your carpet, sealing your grout is more of a process from the inside out. It will help stop those permanent stains from occurring in the future. But it’s not going to necessarily make your grout water proof or easier for you to maintain daily. The Clear Seal will offer some protection so that when you do have an accident, you have time to clean up the spill. And when we come back in the future to professionally clean it, it will clean up much better than if you didn’t have a Clear Seal at all.

Option—C (step 3) Sasso Bello’s different experience Color Seal System

Here is our Color Seal System. This is the top of the line package and we would like to show you what that looks like. This is the only option that we can look you in the eye and tell you when we are done with your floor it will look like the day it was installed. Your grout will be completely uniform in color, it will be 100% water proof, and it will not stain ever. In addition, maintaining your floors will be much easier than the other two options.

Let us share some more great news from Sasso Bello. We have been making it easy for our clients by giving them the tools for success. Our Color Seal System comes completely packaged for our clients. With the purchase of our Color Seal System, we offer you 2 programs:

1.Program 1—If you invite us back before the anniversary of our initial visit, we will rinse, extract and touch up any bad areas if there are any, and give you a gallon of neutral cleaner all for only 35% of the original cost.

2.Program 2—If you invite us back after a year passes, your cost is 50% of the original cost, any time in the future.

We want our client to have the best service experience ever, when caring for your stone, tile, and grout! Your success is our success.

Grout Colorant Guide
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Grout Colorant  Before After Picture

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