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Grout Repairs of All Types

What other type of product can you think of that is porous and will crack, chip, stain, loosen, and wear out? Wood on the outside of our homes comes to mind, but most of that damage is caused by sun and weather. Grout is usually indoors though. Grout in your home, unprotected and not cared for properly, can inherit all these issues mentioned above. What’s the solution if you have any troubles with your grout? Sasso Bello can repair any grout problem you face and will help in offering a care program against future harms or grout spills in your home.

Grout simply said is porous and will incur cracking, staining, loosening and eventually wear out. Though most cracks start small, they grow over time. Eventually, water seeps in and the grout begins to crumble and the surface under the grout surface can mildew, mold and rot. If you have problems where the tile grout meets the tub, you’re not alone. Many professionals scratch their heads and wonder if they should regrout this transition area or apply a bead of grout caulk around the perimeter of the tub.

There is an importance of inspecting the grout for areas of crumbling or cracking. Every tile grout corner, vertical or horizontal, should be examined as well as the seal around the plumbing fixtures. Repair wall grout or repair shower grout where the tiles meet the rim of the tub is a transition area where grout has a very difficult time. Since grout is not flexible, any expansion or contraction or movement of the tub or walls can cause grout cracking and flaking. To fix this tub-rim area the long range solution is to use our grout removal procedures and replace it with a flexible grout caulk. Repair bathroom grout isn’t as simple as just filling the cracks with more grout. This process will only lead to more cracks. Shower tile grout repairs can be very tricky.

Sasso Bello’s grout repair services come with thorough inspections and proper procedures using grout removal tools, cleaning the joints and allowing water to thoroughly dry. Clean out or vacuum the loose particles out of the grout joints before installation of the new tile grout. We fill the entire joint with a bead of grout or our Colorfast Grout Caulk completely into the joint. Then wash the excess with a sponge, making several passes until the caulk is uniform and even. Rinsing several times during this process will make it easier to properly smooth over.

Our Colorfast Tile & Grout System is an acrylic siliconized formula, easy to apply and is moisture and mildew resistant. It’s available in all the major grout colors in sanded or non-sanded formula so that even its texture will match the other tile grout joints.

Grout can be protected from stains, mineral deposits and mildew with sealers and regular maintenance. If you have tried to Repair grout and the grout hasn't turned out the way you hoped, the next step is to hire a grout repair professional. These are many grout repair companies available where you live. Sasso Bello has traveled throughout the valley to repair grout in cities like:

  • Rocklin
  • Auburn
  • Roseville
  • Lincoln
  • Granite Bay
  • Sacramento
  • Fair Oaks
  • Citrus Heights
  • Folsom
  • El Dorado Hills
  • Cameron Park
  • Rancho Murieta
  • Elk Grove
  • Davis

Sasso Bello offers you a library resource of grout repairs and a trouble free service that includes:

1.Remove Grout in your floor, bathroom, countertop, and replacing Grout (Hopefully this is our last resort solution)

2.Filling Chips (Often times a little fill gives you just what you need)

3.Repairing Cracks (Unfortunately the only solution is replacement)

4.Cleaning Grout (cleaning grout is full of surprises. We would love to show you some of them)

5.Clear Sealing Grout (often a little cleaning and a good sealer is all you need against potential stain grout)

6.Color Sealing Grout (If your grout is stained and discolored but still appears intact this is a great solution)

7.Repair Loose Grout (Unfortunately the only solution is replacement)

8.Removing Stain (When grout has been stained and discolored there are some options you might want to consider)

We are often referred as your grout repair store. Whether we remove floor grout, remove shower grout, or we remove wall grout and replace grout, we are here for all your needs. Sasso Bello will lend you a hand in repairing grout. We are your grout medic or grout doctor. Call us for an exam!


Grout Repair Before After Picture

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