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Sealing Your Grout

Despite their improved performance, all cementitious grouts, with the exception of epoxy grout are porous and subject to staining. That’s why manufacturers and most installers recommend sealing grout. Sealers come in two varieties: membrane-forming (topical), and penetrating. The first type is prone to peel and can cloud when residual moisture from mastic or underlayments pushes to the surface of the grout. Penetrating sealers, which breathe after soaking into the grout, are preferable and offer great protection. In most people’s defense they wash in a conditioner into their hair, rub sunblock on their skin, and wax their cars, all to protect them from the sun’s rays. Although grout needs no protection from the sun, it does need protection from us and the soil we introduce to it. Sealing grout is a great start.

When you seal grout tile it helps fight against the hated discoloration that occurs in so many floor and wall tile grouts. Also, an added benefit is that it will assist you in the clean up process. Less scrubbing is always a plus! In high traffic, like to seal grout floors, are especially areas you want to take all the precautions you can to avoid any potential damage to your investment. Sasso Bello has a great floor tile grout sealer.

Grout protection against stains, mineral deposits, food products and mildew is possible with sealers and regular proper maintenance. Penetrating sealers soak into the microscopic voids of the grout. Typically made of silicone or latex solids suspended in water or a solvent base, after application, the base evaporates, leaving the solid material within the grout. The material fills pores and capillaries close to the grout surface and in so doing, reduces the absorption of potentially staining compounds.

Clear penetrating sealers don't produce a gloss on the surface, but can slightly darken the grout's natural color if done incorrectly. A good quality penetrating sealer is a must. One with silicone or an acrylic water-based must be applied generously to the joints. Often times in two, three, or even four applications.

Certain grout products such as latex or acrylic additives in the grout mix can help reduce stains but the best protection overall is to seal your grout. Like waxing your car, applying an outer layer of protection over your investment, is the best advice we can offer. If you have tried to seal grout or enhance grout and the process hasn't completely been enjoyable, the next step is to hire a grout sealing professional. At Sasso Bello we can help seal grout showers or seal grout walls to a high customer satisfaction. Sasso Bello has traveled throughout the valley to seal grout in cities like:

  • Rocklin
  • Auburn
  • Roseville
  • Lincoln
  • Granite Bay
  • Sacramento
  • Fair Oaks
  • Citrus Heights
  • Folsom
  • El Dorado Hills
  • Cameron Park
  • Rancho Murieta
  • Elk Grove
  • Davis

It may not be a task you want to tackle yourself, but there is little question as to whether you should seal grout tile. This extra step adds minimal expense and offers extreme benefits to any tile project. When grout does its job — locking tiles tight, keeping out water, and giving floors and walls a finished look — nobody pays much attention. It's only when grout fails, becoming stained, cracked, or falls out altogether, that people take notice.

You may have grout in many areas of your home, but the grout installed in your bathroom can be different from that on your kitchen countertop altogether. When sealing grout, the type of sealer and surrounding tile are a factor for us. We would like to be your grout sealing store. We have the sealing products, techniques, and experience to offer you and your family. Whether you need to seal grout tile floors or sealing grout walls, we are here for all your needs. We are your grout medic or grout doctor. Call us for an exam!


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