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Stone Enhancing

Stone enhancing can be quite beautiful.  In fact we have seen some stone dramatically change a room from dull to brilliant.  Enhancing stone brings out the color and depth the stone naturally carries from deep inside to its surface.  Stone enhancing is a sealer and this application has many appearances; all of them come down to the owner’s preference in how it will look in the end.  Some appearances offered are everything from a low sheen enhance to a high gloss.  Let’s talk about the applications that may work for you.

Enhancing is sealing.  This in most cases will offer you protection.  Enhancing stone will penetrate the stone at varying degrees depending on the stone. This variation is completely dependent to the stone.  Some stones have higher porosity levels then other; meaning as the enhancer is applied to the stone, the stone determines the depth in which a enhancer/sealer will travel.  Let me offer you some insight; if you pour the dirt from your backyard over a window’s screen only the smallest minerals (sand and rocks) in the dirt will fall through the screens holes, leaving behind larger minerals that can’t move through the small holes.  This same process works with stone as the enhancer is applied; some stones are wound so tight, enhancers can only penetrate so deep.

Does Enhancing Stone work on all Stones?

Enhancing doesn’t work for all stones.  Some, particular white stone, won’t really show much of a difference.  If your stone has a matte finish, not very polished, enhancing can make a world of difference.  In fact, we have been surprise in how much a stone can change once enhanced.  Unpolished stones will also take in an enhancer better than polished ones: the process of polishing stone actually closes (melts) the top layered crystal in the stone making it difficult for the enhancer to penetrate.  Enhancing stone is often trial and error for affect. 

What Stones does Enhancing make a Big Difference?

For as long as we have been enhancing stone, slate is by far the most affected.  A dull flat finish grey toned piece of slate will bring out colors you have never seen before.  I fact, in one client’s home we
changed the color on her slate floor so much she redecorated the room to match its new color scheme.  Enhancing slate, in most cases, can have an extreme change to a room.  Stone colors can change a rooms overall look and feel in such a way that you may have to call in your interior designer.

What are some of the looks Enhancers have Available?

You can have the appearance of anything from a slight sheen to a high gloss when enhancing stone.  This truly is a home owner’s preference.  If you have your stone enhanced try a sample first, maybe a piece you haven’t installed, and see the different choices available to you.  Sasso Bello carries samples with us, so if you are interested you can see the choices available.  Remember an enhancer will always help bring out the color, it’s the final finish you have to decide on.  Also remember the higher the gloss the more you will see wear patterns in the future and need enhancer reapplied. 

Also, enhancing stone will require you to maintenance the finish.  The maintenance will need professional care, more applications, because most enhancers are topical (sealers that sit on the stone).  Things to remember are that topical enhancers will show wear patterns because of foot traffic and as a result a professional will need to clean and apply more enhancer.  This isn’t any different than you needing to reseal your granite countertops, it’s the enhancing stone that makes it more noticeable.

Enhancing stone can offer such excitement to a once dull place; so much so, that the design of the areas can change dramatically.  So call your stone and tile care professional, bring together your husband or wife and interior designer and enhance your stone to a great show piece it can be.

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