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Shower Tile & Grout Cleaning

Your tile showers take a beating. Not to include the 100s of gallons of water that falls to our shower’s floor each day, you introduce many oils and cleaning products used for your body and hair that lead to some shower troubles. In all, our showers take the most abuse and need the most attention.

Along with all those cleaning products we use in our shower are the body and hair soils we introduce from washing; those bring germs which lead to mildew and the growth of mold. Add this to soap scum that will continue to build up with the lack of attention and eventually cleaning your shower will get out of hand. Here is how we can help.

Shower tile can have its nightmares, but did you know that a clean and healthy shower mostly consist of maintenance, simple steps, that with the right tools and care your shower can be it healthiest. We would like to talk about the problems that come up for us as care professional when visiting client’s homes and how we help our client’s to stop these problems from occurring in the future.

The fresh clean water you use to drink from you tab can have its problems too. Hard water especially from wells has a tendency to add lots of calcium and possibly iron-oxides into your shower. These issues can be overcome by having your water checked by your local water district and having a good water-softener in your home. Hard water can build up a calcium deposit, sit on tiles, especially those with rough texture, and mar your tiles finish.

Far too often, many home owners are using the wrong cleaning products in their shower; just today I spoke with a client on how she cleans her stone shower. She uses water and vinegar. The stone in her shower now needs a complete restoration. To be fair, it wasn’t the vinegar alone that caused this problem, it was an accumulation of products that helped. More often than not, many home owners are using the wrong cleaning products and cleaning techniques when caring for their shower. Some use bleach, abrasive creams, like Scrubbing Bubbles, or the all-purpose cleaner like Tile-X on their tile showers. Cleaning your shower is simple. A matter of fact, cleaning your shower can be carried out with a few simple steps and one product.

There are many cleaning products available to purchase, some work and some not. All you need is a Ph neutral cleaner. If the product doesn’t say Ph neutral don’t purchase that product. Ph neutral cleaners offer the best protection without the all the worries. Spray on your tile’s surface once a week, more if there is lots of use, and the product will take care of you for a long time. It’s safe on stone, tile and grout and environmentally as safe as a product can be besides water.

Ok, the technique is more involved but worth the time. I’m going to share with you how we care for our shower at my home. We have a ceramic tile shower and on two walls is ceramic tile as well as the floor, the rest is glass. After every shower I dry myself, while still in the shower, with the towel, I squeegee the glass, walls, and floor. Using the same towel, I then dry the glass walls, door and tile. Now keep in mind our shower is nearly 7 years old and looks like new.

Does this mean I dry the shower every time I use it?

No, some days I’m in a hurry, I forget or get lazy; In all I dry the shower most days I use it.

Does this also mean that because we take fairly good care of our shower that we have no problems? No, in the 7 years I have repaired our shower twice. Both were small grout repairs and inevitable, but no soap scum!

One last technique, buy yourself a soft grout cleaning brush. Hang it in your shower and when you see any buildup of soil or soap scum scrub it away while taking your shower. By keeping up and taking notice of these areas you will save yourself cleaning troubles and costly visits from a company like Sasso Bello.

Shower’s largest problems first and foremost, when it comes to care, have to be soiling. This ranges from the soils we wash off our bodies to the products we use to clean. Rinsing these problems off your showers walls and floor is as easy as 1 2 3 4:

  • Use a Ph neutral cleaner

  • Squeegee your tile

  • Dry the tiles and gout after your shower and

  • Scrub those soil spots as they appear.

In all you will have less to worry about, your shower will have fewer problems and professional cleaning companies won’t need to visit as often.

Remember, the lack of regular and consistent shower cleaning will result in the build-up of soils, dirt and other substances resulting in costly cleanings and repairs.
Cleaning your tile can be an easy chore as long as you are using the correct cleaning product and techniques. Whether you are cleaning ceramic or porcelain tile or stone in your shower, we are here for all your needs. Your success is our success!

Shower Cleaning

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