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Cleaning Your Tile

In the Tile Industry customers have far too often been left sitting on a two legged stool; one leg is the tile manufacture and the other leg for the installer.  For too long now the third leg has been missed (Tile Care) and needs real attention.
Ceramic and Porcelain tiles are very durable and can be elegant and beautiful.  Also they are the easiest of tile to clean, making them a maintenance blessing; with one exception, unglazed or textured tile, can create problems.  Unglazed tile have more of a tendency to soak in spills and soils, hence the cleaning process will need more attention.  Overall, ceramic and porcelain tiles have different features and finishes that will get in the way of traditional cleaning.  Sasso Bello’s intention is to provide you with simpler discoveries, some eye opening moments on which process is best and how you can benefit most.

Glazed or Unglazed Tiles

Glazed tiles are more prone to repel water and dirt, while unglazed tiles are more susceptible to soiling. When learning how to clean ceramic tile you will discover that unglazed ceramic tiles require a little bit more maintenance, not to mention attention, then glazed tiles.

To clean unglazed tiles you will need to provide more frequent maintenance. Vacuuming often is by far the best approach.  A weekly routine would place you far ahead of most.  You may need to have a consistent routine of damp mopping (see us about techniques) to ensure that your unglazed ceramic tiles remain spot and debris free. Using clean warm water is the best choice and address any spills immediately to prevent your tiles from permanent staining.

Cleaning ceramic and porcelain tile can be a nightmare for many, but cleaning floor tiles or wall tiles doesn’t have to be a battle.  Because of the back breaking process of cleaning tile floors, many homeowners have resorted to the quick fix of bleach and vinegar.  Bleach and vinegar are old American remedies and should stay as past times. As busy as you are, cleaning your floor tile is the last place you want to be, so you pull out the quickest remedy in your reach and begin scrubbing those tiles.  Bleach can take the color out of your colored clothes right?  While bleach and vinegar may remove some soils and appears to be a good choice, it has been known to damage tile surfaces and bleach may change the color of grout over time.  There are many tile cleaning products available, but be careful in your choices; some can be harmful. Lastly beware, many products sold in the market today offer you more nightmares than you may want to handle and will in the long run keep you up at night.    

Dingy tile can detract from the overall look of an otherwise great space. Keeping tile clean can make the difference between freshening up a space and having to endure a complete renovation. The best approach to clean tile surfaces lies in that third leg (tile care): a cleaning program and cleaning products. Sasso Bello provides both and with a designed cleaning program and products those areas will look better longer.  Cleaning your tile can be loads of fun. Here is how Sasso Bello can help:

  1. We deliver every cleaning product to your home ourselves. (you pay no shipping cost in our immediate area)
  2. Sasso Bello will explain the complete cleaning process for your tile. Whether you have ceramic tile or marble, we will help you in all aspects of your home’s tile cleaning.  Everything from:
    1. Walk-off Mats (where, how many and why)
    2. Cleaning tools (what’s good and what’s not)
    3. How To’s  (the secrets that keep you in a good place)
  3. Leave you with our “Professional Guide to Stone & Tile Care”
    1. This guide will offer you quick remedies to everyday problems.
  4. Lastly, we leave with you our “Cleaning Guides” for every aspect of tile and stone care.
    1. These guides offer you step by step cleaning instruction, techniques, and product use.

At Sasso Bello, we want you to have the best service experience ever when caring for your stone and tile! Your success is our success.


Grout Cleaning Products
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